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Carly & Ivan are regularly invited as guest trainers to coach at various circus schools around the world. The disciplines they coach are the following:


-Act Creation

-Chinese Pole

-Aerial Straps

-Duo Trapeze (advanced catch and release tricks)


-Dance Trapeze

-Russian Bar

-Duo Aerial 

-Ground Acrobatics 

-Hula Hoop Manipulation


Circus Schools (sample):


-National Circus School of Canada (École Nationale de Cirque)

-San Diego Circus Center

-Cirque School Los Angeles

-Mendocino Center for Circus Arts

-École de Trapeze Léotard

-Cirque du Monde (Cirque du Soleil)

Many of their students have attended higher education circus programs in Canada and Europe or are currently working as circus professionals. 

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